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"Their attraction is always creative and well thought out. Being a non-profit attraction for a dance school may trick would-be customers with the mindset that this is an attraction put together by children. While yes, the screams of teenage girls are blood-curdling and unnerving, that assumption couldn't be more wrong. It's put together by the twisted minds of their parents! Parent's who thrive on giving you the most Boo-for-your-buck (a category they've won in the past, hands down). This year, CMC has introduced more technology to their already great attraction, ensuring well timed scares and a customized experience, you just don't get elsewhere."

- 2019



"Hands down the best haunted house we’ve ever been to for sure 🙌❤️

The talent those kids have was truly amazing not to mention the time and efforts put into the event whooooa!

You guys certainly killed it 💪🏻 🏆
HIUUUGE shout out to the “DANCE MOM” who tolerated these 3 scared biddies 🤣😂😅 (yup and that was no joke ) if there is ever a bloopers video of your guests made I’d love to see it haha


Congratulations on an AWESOME job done. Definitely not a wasted 1 hour and 15 min drive! Thanks for the scare 😳😜"

- Stephanie D

"Expertly designed. Super scary and fun!"

- Ruth P

"Call ahead, bring a group, and plan to hang out for a while! There are fires and a movie, snacks, and a really fun haunted house!"

- Sarah F

"Seriously, skip the huge production haunts and check this place out. Bring a group (or just your date) and hang out by the fire watching scary movies, getting hyped up for the best haunted house in CNY!!​"

- Amber T

"BEST BEST BEST !!! When I tell you these KIDS are amazing, costumes amazing, scare level amazing !! Just a great experience."

- Lamar C

"This group of dancers and parents take a healthy serving of our inner most phobias and twist it with some mainstream big screen classics and put that shizzy stuff right in your face. From Hannibal the Cannibal to Gerorgie and that kid that lost his head, CMC brings it to life, death, and someplace in between.

Never have I ever witnessed such a combination in one place. They pull it off to perfection. I'll admit, I wasn't sure what to expect because last years was just so darn good, but hey knocked my socks off, our socks, his socks, and her socks. Our entire group was on their toes and amazed throughout. The blood was pumping for sure... thank God for Lisinopril (not a joke)!!!

This haunted house is well worth the money. You can even enjoy some snacks, one of three fires, and a movie while you wait. Who knew peeing your pants, losing a head, getting chased by that guy with that power tool, and coming face to face with.... umm.... everyone would be so awesome."

- Eric, Haunting the Finger Lakes

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